• 所属行业:石油/化工/采掘/冶炼/原材料
  • 企业规模:1000人以上
  • 企业性质:外企独资

公共事务与政府关系培训生 Public & Government Affairs T...(上海总部,Communication)

  • 工作地点:上海
  • 有效日期:2019年08月23日 至 2019年09月22日
  • 招聘人数:多人
  • 职位性质:全职

公共事务与政府关系培训生 Public & Government Affairs T... 职位描述:


- Support the P&GA team to maintain and develop relationships with authorities in Shanghai, especially with Shanghai Xinzhuang Industry Park (SXIP) and Shanghai Chemical Park (SCIP);
- Consolidate events in membership associations. Ensure Evonik’s active and consistent participation in associations (EUCCC, AICM, German Chamber, Shanghai Association of Foreign Investment) that enables us to observe issues of importance for Evonik and leverage their networks;
- Monitor the changes of government policies and leadership of business partners, especially for Shanghai and adjacent areas;
- Provide support in terms of government relations on project basis to business and service function units upon request; ensure a smooth examination and approval of governmental bodies for Evonik establishments and investment projects in Shanghai at the time needed;
- Support VIP visits of Evonik’s executives in Shanghai and corporate sponsored events.
- Support execution of corporate donation projects.


- Minimum Bachelor Degree
- Very strong oral and written communication in both Chinese and English.
- Proficient with Microsoft Office applications: Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook.
- Excellent organization, communication and influential skills.
- Good time management to ensure various projects to be align with the timeline.
- Proactive in problem solving and innovative thinker.
- Highly responsible and able to work under pressure.


- 协助团队处理事务。
- 帮助团队发展并维护与上海市政府部门的关系,特别是上海莘庄工业园区以及上海化工园区。
- 确保赢创在协会(中国欧盟商会,爱信,德国商会,上海市外商投资协会)中积极参与活动,发现对于赢创具有重要性的事件并且充分利用人际关系网。
- 掌握政府政策以及商业合作伙伴领导层的变化(特别是上海及周边地区)。
- 根据业务部门和服务职能部门的要求,在项目中为政府关系提供支持;确保在必要时赢创所设立的项目及投资项目能顺利获得政府机构的审批。
- 支持赢创高层在上海的访问活动以及企业赞助活动。
- 支持公司捐赠项目的执行。


- 本科以上学历
- 极强的中文及英文沟通能力,包括口头及书面沟通。
- 精通 Microsoft Office 软件。
- 出色的组织能力,沟通能力和影响力。
- 较好的时间管理能力,确保不同项目都能按时间线进行。
- 遇到问题能主动积极解决,有创新型思维。
- 有强烈的责任感,能在高压环境下工作。 

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赢创是一家来自德国的创新型工业集团,我们的核心业务——特种化工在全球处于领先地位。取得盈利性增长,并不断提升企业价值是赢创的核心战略。赢创的业务专注于全球发展大趋势,即健康与营养、资源效率和全球化。赢创的发展得益于其创新实力和一体化技术平台。赢创的生产基地分布于25个国家,业务遍及全球100多个国家。2017 财年,赢创创造了约144亿欧元的销售额,营业利润(调整后税息折旧及摊销前利润)达23.6亿欧元。

赢创早在1933年就在上海设立了第一家办事处。目前,赢创在中国拥有十二个生产基地,约3,300 名员工。


人才是赢创实现可持续增长战略的最重要资产,我们不断培养高素质的本地经理人担任公司的重要职位,并为其提供在集团的职业发展机会。自2007年,赢创已经11次荣获由国际调研机构TOP Employers Institute颁发的“中国杰出雇主”荣誉。



We concentrate on high-growth megatrends, especially health, nutrition, resource efficiency and globalization. Around 80 percent of sales come from market-leading positions, which we are systematically expanding.

In fiscal 2017, the enterprise generated sales of around 14.4 billion and an operating profit (adjusted EBITDA) of about 2.36 billion.

Evonik has established wide-ranging trading relations in China as early as the 1930s by opening a representative office in Shanghai. The company now has around 3,300 employees and 12 production sites in China.

Evonik regards Greater China as one of the driving forces of the global economy and we consequently endeavor to grow our business in the region. Evonik has started a number of cross business unit projects for some key industries such as automotive, construction, electronics and lighting, etc. Several strategic investment projects are also under way in the region to ensure that the growth trajectory continues in the long term. Besides the investment into production facilities, Evonik also wants to strengthen its R&D efforts in the Greater China region by boosting local innovation.

Evonik regards people as the most important assets for our sustainable growth. Wherever possible, we aim to fill key positions with highly qualified local managers and offer them attractive career opportunities in the Group. Evonik has been awarded one of “China’s Top Employers” by the international publishing company Top Employers Institute for 11 times since 2007.

For more information, please go to careers.evonik.com.

Exploring opportunities. Growing together.

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