Applied Value LLC

  • 所属行业:专业服务(咨询/财会/法律等)
  • 企业规模:51-100人
  • 企业性质:外企独资

Management Consulting Analyst - Global Opportunities(上海总部,咨询)

  • 工作地点:上海 美国 瑞典
  • 有效日期:2018年04月10日 至 2018年07月31日
  • 招聘人数:1 人
  • 职位性质:全职

Management Consulting Analyst - Global Opportunities 职位描述:


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Management Consulting Analyst - Global Opportunities 上海 全职 5月18日 上海总部


Applied Value LLC

The Applied Value Group is a professional services and investment group. Our business is strategic management consulting, complemented by merger and acquisition advisory and management training. Our engagements create shareholder value through rigorous analysis, strategic advice, and strong emphasis on actions to make it happen. Clients include leading international companies in several sectors, ranging from heavy industry to services and private equity. The Group has offices in the US, Europe, and China. We combine the in-depth expertise of a global advisor with the focus, attention, and flexibility of a boutique consulting firm.

Applied Transactions provides financial advisory and execution support services covering acquisitions, mergers, leveraged buy-outs, and divestments. We take on the role as project managers and coordinators of the whole transaction process.

Applied Training offers competence development services, based on the functional expertise of the Applied Value Group. We can deliver Assessments to help organizations benchmark peers and understand the overall development need. Applied Training also delivers training programs in different forms: self-studies, classroom training, workshops, and more. As a last step in the process, we also offer coaching programs designed to help organizations apply the knowledge acquired in the training phase.

Applied Venture Capital invests in early stages of private growth companies. Applied Venture Capital is evidence of Applied Value Group’s commitment to entrepreneurial business development. Investments are made in businesses that connect to Applied Value Group domains or to its professionals.

Garden Growth Capital is a private investment firm that acquires ownership positions in public and private companies with significant growth or turn-around potential. Garden Growth Capital engages in its investment as a highly active owner with a long-term perspective on value creation.

Garden Growth Capital leverages Applied Value Group’s resources and experiences to support and develop its investments both strategically and operationally. The combination of the Group’s management and financial advisory and its investments creates a unique opportunity for value creation and careers development.