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Your challenges:
-Provide professional and personalized services, establish connection with customers using product and sports knowledge. Create best experience & service to make user/customer satisfied, develop a close relationship with sports user.
-As Sports advisor, practice sports regularly and know the technical characteristics of my merchandise and benefit for user. Tell highly immersed product story to assure the ongoing increase of conversion rate and average basket.
-Manage and track customer/user’s order and take action for shortage and logistics service problem in time. Optimize storage and logistics with user feedback and improve user satisfaction.
-Lead the management of return and refund, continuously optimize product returns process and refund efficiency, through market and user behaviour research to generate business insight, reduce return rate with effective action.
-In charge of user relationship, closely follow up user feedback, analyze & collect customer needs, and build FAQ database to related BU to optimize products and services. Increase product use satisfaction and user loyalty.
-As key contributor of Decathlon Omni-commerce strategy, propel the blend of user experience of online and offline. Boost business in my store via omni-commerce.

Your responsibilities:
-Through professional,efficient sales and service, create & deliver the pleasure & benefits of sports,make sports accessible for the many and make sports user satisfied.
- I greet every customer/user,use professional personalized service language,and am immediately available for customers who need my advice
- I timely and reasonably solve customer/user’s exchange return through "satisfied or satisfied" returns policy.
-I improve and develop our customer/user’s database(basic and sports needs...) to build relationship with customer/user to improve their loyalty.




-通过专业高效的销售服务,创造并传递运动的快乐和益处,让运动触手可及,让运动爱好者满 意
If you are qualified with below requirements:
1 Sports lover, energetic, practice at least one sport.
2 Basic English ability, writing ability
3 Excellent service awareness, able to speculate on the user’s needs, user-centric service attitude.
4 Good communication and writing skills, team player and contributor.
5 Be curious, dare to make decision, willing to take challenge, ability to deliver concrete result.
6 Responsible, able to work under pressure and take work shifts.
7 Passionate about e-commerce, with career plan for digital sports industry.


1 热爱运动, 富有活力,定期参与至少一项体育运动。
2 英语基础能力,书写能力
3 具备优秀的服务意识,能够揣测用户心理需求,以用户为中心的服务态度。
4 良好的沟通能力和文字表达能力,具备团队协作能力,积极的贡献者。
5 有强烈的好奇心,敢于做决定,乐于接受挑战和改变,并专注实际行动。
6 有责任心,抗压能力强,能接受早晚班轮换(排班制)。
7 对电子商务行业有激情,有志于运动行业长期发展。

职位名称 所属机构 工作地点 职位类型 发布日期
迪卡侬零售运动主管(实习生)--福州 迪卡侬体育用品有限公司 福州 兼职/实习 2月26日
迪卡侬零售运动主管(实习生)--洛阳 迪卡侬体育用品有限公司 洛阳 兼职/实习 2月26日
迪卡侬零售运动主管(实习生)--河源 迪卡侬体育用品有限公司 河源 兼职/实习 2月24日
迪卡侬零售运动主管(实习生)--厦门 迪卡侬体育用品有限公司 厦门 兼职/实习 2月24日
迪卡侬零售运动主管(实习生)--保定 迪卡侬体育用品有限公司 保定 兼职/实习 2月24日
迪卡侬零售运动主管(实习生)--泉州 迪卡侬体育用品有限公司 泉州 兼职/实习 2月24日
迪卡侬零售运动主管(实习生)--南京 迪卡侬体育用品有限公司 南京 兼职/实习 2月24日
迪卡侬零售运动主管(实习生)--淮安 迪卡侬体育用品有限公司 淮安 兼职/实习 2月24日
迪卡侬零售运动主管(实习生)--徐州 迪卡侬体育用品有限公司 徐州 兼职/实习 2月24日
迪卡侬零售运动主管(实习生)--泰州 迪卡侬体育用品有限公司 泰州 兼职/实习 2月24日
迪卡侬零售运动主管(实习生)--扬州 迪卡侬体育用品有限公司 扬州 兼职/实习 2月24日

网申时间: 2月18日--5月31日;




Decathlonis a global designer and brand initiator, as well as a retailer of sporting goods, with integrated R&D, design, brand planning, production, logistics and sales.

In 2003, Decathlon opened its first store in China, means Decathlon stepped into China market. Up to Dec, 2018, Greater China has opened 280 stores in 106 cities, and with Decathlon China E-commerce online platform, we can already serviced local Chinese customers needs who come from different 390 cities of China. As the world’s leading sports good retailer, the business concept of Decathlon is to collect as more sporting goods as possible. Decathlon store provides 80 categories of an average of 35,000 products, and regularly organize sports activities and encourage all customers to learn, try and enjoy the pleasure of different sports items.

Currently Decathlon group is expanding China market, our ambition is to reach 500 stores in Greater China in next 5 years, and we are looking for sportive, lively, friendly talents to and join us. Welcome to Decathlon!

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