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Recruitment Consultant Intern(实习猎头顾问)(米高蒲志,人力资源部)





• 负责人才猎寻项目的搜寻,筛选,协调,推动,解决客户的人才需求;
• 分析客户需求,制定寻访方案,搜寻、面试并初步评估候选人,安排面试,并为候选人提供职业发展建议;
• 及时有效进行客户关怀,维护好客户关系,深入挖掘客户需求;
• 与客户保持积极、有效的沟通,协助客户做好面谈安排、背景调查等环节,促使项目顺利进行;
• 研究行业发展动向,收集行业内人才信息,积累人才资源库;
• 针对目标行业,进行客户拓展工作。


• 全日制本科及以上学历,英语听说读写流利,热爱猎头行业;
• 有一定的分析和判断力,学习能力佳;
• 目标意识明确,结果导向,主动性强,具有强烈的进取心;
• 善于与人沟通,有一定的客户服务意识;
• 良好的团队协作意识,能够承受较大的工作压力,具有高度的责任感;
• 应届生或即将毕业的学生优先考虑。



About Us:

PageGroup is a leading international specialist recruitment group with a market capitalisation in excess of GBP 1 billion. We are listed on the London Stock Exchange as a FTSE 250 company and currently employ over 7,700 staff with 139 office locations in 36 countries. We are organically grown and each PageGroup office has been established by our own employees and conforms to the best practices and values common to our existing business.

Job responsibilities:

• Responsible for searching, screening, coordinating, promoting and solving the talent needs of customers;
• Analyze customer needs, formulate a search plan, source and pre-screen candidates, arrange interviews, and provide candidates with career development suggestions;
• Carry out customer care in a timely and effective manner, maintain customer relationships, and explore deeper into customer needs;
• Maintain active and effective communication with customers, assist them in making arrangements for interviews, background investigations and others to promote the smooth progress of the project;
• Study the development trend of the industry, collect information on talents in the industry, and accumulate a talent pool;
• Carry out customer development work for target industries.

Job Requirements:

• Full-time bachelor degree or above, fluent in English listening, speaking, reading, writing, and passion for headhunting industry;
• Have a certain degree of analysis and judgment, and good learning ability;
• Clear goal awareness, result orientation, strong initiative, and strong enterprising spirit;
• Good at communicating with others and have a certain sense of customer service;
• Good sense of teamwork, able to withstand greater work pressure, and have a high sense of responsibility.


The world’s leading foreign company working environment;
Complete training and guidance, rapid growth in a short period of time
Gold medal industry headhunting guide career planning

职位名称 所属机构 工作地点 职位类型 发布日期
Associate Consultant (助理猎头顾问) 上海总部 上海 全职 9月29日
Marketing and Event Intern 上海总部 上海 兼职/实习 9月24日
Recruitment Consultant Intern(实习猎头顾问) 深圳/广州 广州 兼职/实习 9月18日
Talent Acquisition Intern (招聘实习生) 上海总部 上海 兼职/实习 9月18日
Recruitment Consultant Intern(猎头顾问实习) 上海总部 上海 兼职/实习 8月17日
Recruitment Consultant Intern(猎头顾问) 北京 北京 全职 8月17日
Recruitment Consultant Intern(猎头顾问) 上海总部 苏州 兼职/实习 7月14日
Recruitment Consultant Intern(猎头顾问) 北京 北京 兼职/实习 7月14日
Recruitment Consultant Intern(猎头顾问) 上海总部 成都 兼职/实习 7月14日
Recruitment Consultant Intern(猎头顾问) 苏州 苏州 兼职/实习 7月10日

Michael Page is a leading professional recruitment consultancy specialising in the recruitment of permanent, contract and temporary positions on behalf of the world’s top employers.

The Group operates through 153 offices in 34 countries worldwide. First established in London in 1976, we’ve been bringing job seekers and employers together for more than 30 years.

We are listed on the London stock exchange and our turnover exceeds US$1 billion per year. We opened our first office in Shanghai in 2003 and currently have offices in all of the main business centres around the world.

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