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本科生项目生物实验室技术员(Duke Kunshan University,Undergraduate Studies)


Lab Technician for Undergraduate Program in Biology

Position Overview:
Duke Kunshan University (DKU) is a Sino-US Joint Venture University approved by the Ministry of Education and co-founded by Duke University, Wuhan University and Kunshan City Government. DKU is a non-profit public welfare social organization with independent legal status. The campus is located in Kunshan Yangcheng Lake Science Park, Jiangsu Province.
DKU seeks to appoint multiple lab technicians for undergraduate program in biology direction. Working closely with lab managers and instructors, the lab technician will support the emerging, interdisciplinary courses and curricula, such as assisting in teaching laboratories and course projects, maintain shared lab facilities, assist in lab safety training, assist in arranging workshops and tutorials in order to support research projects associated with undergraduate signature work.

Reports to:
Chair of the Division of Natural and Applied Sciences and Lab Manager for Biology Teaching Labs

Essential Duties:
1. Undertake, where appropriate, the first line maintenance of equipment/resources; evaluate test
proposed new teaching equipment.
2. Liaise with suppliers and contractors on the servicing, repair and testing of lab equipment.
3. Maintain an inventory of equipment & spares in collaboration with asset management office,
procurement and finance departments to assume regular tracking of lab equipment.
4. Assist in setting up shared lab equipment policy, rules, guidelines as well as internal website to
optimize the use of existing equipment.
5. Assist in sourcing of materials, consumables and equipment.
6. Support academic staff in developing new and enhancing existing experiments and preparing
manuals and guides.
7. Advise students on the best types of equipment for their projects and help train them in its proper
8. Ensure compliance with all relevant aspects of health & safety whilst undertaking duties.
9. Ensure all lab users comply with all relevant aspects of health & safety.
10. Support the development of lab procedures and ensure users are trained in those procedures.
11. Ensure that allocated areas are kept in good order and safety devices are in place and operational.
12. Ensure all waste produced is disposed of in accordance with University procedures.
13. Perform other duties as assigned.
14. University employees’ job responsibilities will continue to expand in scope and depth as the University grows in size and complexity in its programs.

Required Qualifications:
1. A master’s degree in biology. Candidates with a relevant bachelor’s degree with 3+ years of working experience will also be considered.
2. Fluency in both English and Chinese.
3. Experience in operating electrical and nonelectrical laboratory equipment.
4. In depth knowledge of QHSE Systems, preventative measures and laboratory best practices.
5. Good organizational skills and knowledge of applicable rules, regulations and procedures.
6. Good communication and problem-solving skills.
7. Experience in handling cell and molecular biology or biochemistry related lab equipment is
8. Experience with computational tools including Matlab, Labview, Python programming and software packages for statistics is preferred


职位名称 所属机构 工作地点 职位类型 发布日期
本科生项目计算机科学实验室技术员 Duke Kunshan University 苏州 全职 6月15日
本科生项目化学实验室技术员 Duke Kunshan University 苏州 全职 6月15日
本科生项目物理实验室技术员 Duke Kunshan University 苏州 全职 6月15日
Administrative Specialist for Research Support in Natural .. Duke Kunshan University 昆山 全职 5月17日
Coordinator for International Collaborations Duke Kunshan University 昆山 全职 5月13日
Instructional Specialist for Undergraduate Program in Comp.. Duke Kunshan University 苏州 全职 4月20日
Learning Resources Management Coordinator Duke Kunshan University 昆山 全职 2月01日
Administrative Assistant for Information Technology Duke Kunshan University 昆山 全职 1月26日
IT/AV Analyst (Generalist) Duke Kunshan University 昆山 全职 1月18日
Stockroom Coordinator Duke Kunshan University 昆山 全职 1月18日

Duke Kunshan University – Overview

Duke Kunshan University is a Sino-American partnership of Duke University and Wuhan University to create a world-class liberal arts and research university offering a range of academic programs for students from China and throughout the world. A non-profit, joint-venture institution, Duke Kunshan University was granted accreditation approval by China’s Ministry of Education in September 2013 and welcomed its inaugural class of students in August 2014.

With the goal of spearheading the future of higher education, Duke Kunshan University is influenced and informed by both Chinese and American traditions of higher education. The shared vision of Duke University and Wuhan University is that Duke Kunshan will help address the changing needs of global higher education. Their rich heritage inspires Duke Kunshan University to pursue academic excellence and integrity and to apply classroom knowledge in service to society. Duke Kunshan University delivers academic programs designed to address society’s future needs through a curriculum based in the liberal arts tradition and a commitment to problem-based learning that challenges students to apply their knowledge during the learning process.

As an international, intellectual community that encourages diversity, openness and creative learning, Duke Kunshan University welcomes outstanding students and faculty from around the world who contribute diverse perspectives and experiences to this global learning environment. The university’s innovative academic programs inspire students to master academically rigorous course work, generate new ideas and develop creative solutions to the world’s challenges, preparing them not just for careers in specific fields, but to become globally sophisticated leaders and citizens.

Duke Kunshan University is a place for learning, living and growing, in a setting that encourages the pursuit of knowledge within and beyond the classroom. The City of Kunshan is located in close proximity to both Shanghai and Suzhou, two of the largest and most developed metropolitan areas in China. Connected to both by high-speed rail and highways, the city of Kunshan is a center for business and high-tech research and manufacturing, and it has one of the fastest growing economies in China. The 200-acre campus site is within the Kunshan Yangcheng Lake Science Park and features state-of-the-art classroom and meeting facilities, library resources, student and faculty housing and dining space, and recreational facilities. Multi-purpose meeting spaces, breakout rooms, and study areas allow students to work individually or in groups to review course material, complete assignments, and participate in the vibrant, intellectual life of the campus.





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