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CS Technician 组装质量技术员(安波福电气系统有限公司长春分公司,质量部)


About this position岗位介绍

Lead FA quality inspectors to satisfy customer requirement once product delivered to customer, continuously hard working for the goal to became the best supplier in customer site; Always keep optimizing current quality control method and quality performance to ensure meet area quality target; Assist quality engineer to complete training and directing to team members; This role will report directly to Quality Engineer.

Responsibilities and duties 岗位职责

Quality Issue Response质量问题的应对
Assist quality engineer to deal with quality issues at customer site/ plant, summarize, collecting , containing and root cause analysis, define corrective action plans, verify the effectiveness of corrective action plans; Set up good communications with customers, try the best to improve customer satisfaction;

Meet quality performance target质量指标的达成
Assist quality engineer to control COQ, ensure quality performance meet the target; Once not meet, find root cause and define corrective action plans to meet the target;

Quality Control Activities质量管理活动的开展
Support quality engineer to run APQP for new project and model year change; Define and update all the quality documents after product SOP; Set up process audit plan and execute accordingly, keep tracking and verifying findings to reduce risk until issues closed; Involving in continues improvement activities; Production site all data display and quality issue files timely maintenance and update, quality related data, records timely collection and summary; Once deviations occurs, have the right to stop line;
辅助质量工程师支持新项目及年型切换APQP过程、产品量产后控制计划的编制以及更新、定义过程审核计划并跟踪验证实际完成情况、参与并积极推动相关责任团队改进,支持持续改进;生产现场所有数据展示以及质量下发文件的及时维护与更新,质量相关数据、记录的及时收集与汇总;在生产现场上发现有偏离质量要求&违反质量体系情况时, 有权停止生产;

Capability Improvement and Management区域人员能力提升与管理
Assist quality engineer on regular training plan and verity training effectiveness; Performance evaluation; Lessons learn sharing, enriching personal experience while keep optimizing current quality control methods; Improve quality members workload and reduce COQ.
辅助质量工程师定期对组装检验员实施培训,对培训进行有效性评价;辅助质量工程师执行业绩考核制度;Lesson learned分享,丰富自身经验的同时,不断优化现有流程,提高质量人员工作效率并降低质量成本。

Basic qualifications 基本条件

Bachelor degree and above, fluent English skill of both spoken and written;
本科学历或以上, 流利的英文听说读写;

2-3 years related work experience, good process audit experience, especially for automotive, including risk based thinking, resolve problem with quality tools proficiently, familiar with VDA/IATF 16949. Qualification of auditor will be a plus;

Skilled with related customer quality requirements and quality 5 tools;

Be able to direct quality inspectors to do daily quality activity accurately, strong capability of communication and coordinate ability.

Nice to haves (preferred qualifications) 期望条件

Be able to work under stress independently;

Willing to join in quality control work related;

Management experience will be a plus;

Traits we seek我们要寻找的是

Curiously investigate everything – ability to solving problems analytically, creatively and collaboratively对任何事物好奇并且勇于探索——善于分析和创造性地与团队一起解决问题
Lead with confidence – thought leaders who empower those around them自信的引领者——思想领袖将会激励周围的人
Learn by doing – an entrepreneurial mindset that’s driven by hands-on experimentation从实践中学习——创业的心态来源于亲身实践
Embrace resilience – seeing every challenge as a learning opportunity and invitation to grow拥抱挑战——将每一个挑战视为学习的机会和成长的邀约

Aptiv rewards and advantages安波福会提供给你

Competitive compensation with bonus potential竞争性的薪酬福利体系
Competitive health benefits竞争性的健康福利
Learning and development opportunities 学习和发展机会
Discount programs with various manufacturers and retailers不同汽车厂家和销售商购车折扣机会
Recognition for innovation and excellence创新和卓越的价值认同
Opportunities to give back to the community回报社会的机会
Meaningful work that makes a difference in the world改变世界的有意义的工作

Aptiv is an equal employment opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, protected veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law.

职位名称 所属机构 工作地点 职位类型 发布日期
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PE Intern 产品实习生 安波福电气系统有限公司长春分公司 长春 兼职/实习 2月18日
CS Intern 质量实习生 安波福电气系统有限公司长春分公司 长春 全职 5月22日
CS Intern 质量实习生 安波福电气系统有限公司长春分公司 长春 兼职/实习 5月16日
HR Intern 人力资源实习生 安波福电气系统有限公司长春分公司 长春 兼职/实习 3月20日
IE Intern 工艺实习生 安波福电气系统有限公司长春分公司 长春 兼职/实习 2月28日


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