SZ&W GROUP(泽为咨询)

  • 所属行业:广告/会展/公关
  • 企业规模:51-100人
  • 企业性质:私营企业


  • 工作地点:上海
  • 有效日期:2019年03月13日 至 2019年06月12日
  • 招聘人数:2 人
  • 职位性质:兼职/实习

人事专员(实习)-可留用 职位描述:

1. 负责公司人才招聘相关工作如筛选简历、电话邀约等;
2. 对招聘渠道实施规划、开发、维护、拓展,确保招聘渠道能有效满足公司的用人需求;
3. 负责建立企业人才储备库,跟踪和搜集同行业人才动态,吸引优秀人才加盟公司;
4. 负责组织各类员工活动,丰富员工业余生活,建立积极良好的企业文化;
5. 协助相关部门开展公司企业文化建设工作,营造良好的工作环境和氛围,促进内外部沟通渠道的有效性;

1. 大专及以上学历,专业不限,有无经验均可;
2. 善用各种招聘渠道,有猎头工作经验者优先;
3. 积极主动,责任心强,工作踏实,有较好的抗压能力;
4. 积极外向,具备良好的亲和力,爱好与人打交道,具有较强的学习能力和解决问题的能力; 

SZ&W GROUP(泽为咨询)其他最新招聘

职位名称 工作地点 职位类型 发布日期 所属机构
客户执行(偏活动执行) 上海 全职 4月17日 上海总部
人事专员(实习)2020届实习生 上海 兼职/实习 4月17日 上海总部
英语 外贸销售(海外地区)实习生 上海 全职 4月17日 上海总部
国际业务拓展 上海 全职 11月19日 上海总部
国际峰会销售 上海 全职 11月19日 上海总部
外贸 国际峰会 会议销售 英文 上海 全职 11月19日 上海总部
比外贸更适合英语专业的销售工作 上海 全职 11月19日 上海总部
Conference Sales Executive 上海 全职 11月14日 上海总部
Associate Conference Producer(年薪10-15w) 上海 全职 10月19日 上海总部
销售管理培训生(年薪10W) 上海 全职 10月19日 上海总部


SZ&W GROUP(泽为咨询)

SZ&W Group 泽为咨询(上海)有限公司

SZ&W Group is one of the leading B2B companies in China, specialized in organizing top-level professional conferences, events or forums around the world, serving clients from various industries, especially in energy, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and water etc.

With the strong support from Chinese government and close cooperation with national and international associations, our events have successfully attracted a large amount of industry leaders. Also, thanks to our multi-skilled and highly experienced team, who conducted a scientific and meticulous systems-based approach to every project, all of our events has build a long-standing reputation and widely acknowledged by key players in relevant industries.

Our culture

SZ&W Group is a team, and all of its members are pride of providing timely, accurate, unbiased and trusted information to our clients. We have a profound respect for the professions and clients we serve and define our success in terms of their success.

Our work environment is dynamic, innovative and entrepreneurial; we have a target-oriented culture that demands excellence, agility, aggressive and the desire to move quickly and precisely to seize opportunities and to be successful. Moreover, our environment is inherent highly competitive and challenging, which accelerate the self-improvement. Correspondently, our environment is supportive, we give our members a lot of opportunities to develop their skills and explore their potentials.

SZ&W Group is also a big family, and all of the family members are hard-working, dedicated, grateful, self-motivated, open-minded and enthusiastic. We values diversity of culture and thought and seeks talented, qualifies members in all its operations around the world regardless of race, gender, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, age or any other protected classification under country or local law.

We are proud to be an equal employment opportunity/affirmative action employer.

作为行业领先公司,SZ&W Group致力于为更多商业领袖提供更优质的信息交流平台,为广大尖端企业提供问题解决方案。我们为有志于投资亚太市场的国际伙伴开辟了更多途径。