• 所属行业:专业服务(咨询/财会/法律等)
  • 企业规模:11-50人
  • 企业性质:外企独资

Recruitment & Administration Specialist / 招聘与行政专员(SX Group,人力资源部)

  • 工作地点:上海
  • 有效日期:2018年08月07日 至 2018年11月06日
  • 招聘人数:多人
  • 职位性质:全职

Recruitment & Administration Specialist / 招聘与行政专员 职位描述:

We are looking for an energetic, caring and highly motivated recruiter to work with our Business Support Office (BSO).

About the Role/ 岗位职责介绍:
We think that you are / 我们理想中的人选:
We are currently looking for a recruitment talent to join our Business Support Office (BSO). You provide HR function services by launching recruiting initiatives, engaging with potential applicants and forging strong ties with all business units across the Group. Highly motivated, attention to details, dependable and caring are words that are often used to describe you.

Where you fit in / 适合你的环境:
You will have the opportunity to work in a dynamic and friendly environment that values collaboration, transparency and open communication. You would gain a wide range of recruitment and HR exposure while providing essential, supportive HR services to top management. As a recruitment & administration specialist, you are integral to maintaining employee satisfaction and the successful running of the company.

Responsibilities / 岗位职责:
• Engage with candidates to arrange interviews, and facilitate and document the whole recruitment process in a timely and professional manner / 与候选人互动,安排面谈,并可以及时的,专业的促进和记录整个招聘流程
• Working on recruitment channels, and with management teams to ensure that the SX messaging is attracting sufficient attention and that the value proposition of the SX opportunity is well understood by potential applicants / 致力于拓展招聘渠道,并与管理团队一起确保SX相关信息吸引足够的注意力,并且能让潜在申请人很好地理解SX的价值主张
• Contribute to the formulation and implementation of the overall recruitment strategy / 帮助制定和实施整体招聘战略
• Opportunity to participate on projects and help ensure compliance with company and employment policies regarding hiring practices / 有机会参与项目并帮助确保公司各方面尤其招聘方面合规。
• Other responsibilities include ad hoc reports as requested by management, support business partners with budgeting and forecasting exercise and execute supportive tasks for office administration / 其他职责包括管理层要求的临时报告,支持业务合作伙伴的预算和预测工作,以及行政管理的支持性任务

Attributes we are seeking / 我们寻找的特质:
• Strong interpersonal communication skills and a professional, diligent and courteous manner / 良好的人际沟通技巧,专业,勤奋和礼貌的行为
• With strong problem-solving skills and be a creative thinker / 具有很强的解决问题的能力,是一位富有创造力的有想法的人
• Highly motivated, high attention to detail, organized and efficient / 积极主动,注重细节,有条理,高效
• Able to take ownership of tasks and work independently were required using own initiative and without close supervision / 能够独立完成任务和工作,可以自己主动做事,无需密切监督

Qualifications & Skills / 任职要求:
• Bachelor’s Degree or above, ideally having HR administration experience / 学士学位或以上,最好具有人力资源管理经验
• Able to prioritize work assignments to accommodate urgent requests as needed / 能够根据需要确定工作任务的优先顺序以适应紧急请求
• Able to work to tight deadlines and manage expectations of internal clients / 能够在截止日期内工作并管理内部客户的期望
• To be a team member who is dependable and professional in terms of handing confidential information with great discretion /是一名团队成员,在处理机密信息方面具有可靠性和专业性
• Be able to communicate effectively in both English and Mandarin / 能够以英语和普通话进行有效沟通

Benefits of starting your career here / 工作福利:
• A global culture, with a strong focus on learning and development /强调学习和发展的国际化工作文化。
• Regular company treats, regular ‘fika’ - a Swedish coffee and cake break etc. / 每周定期的公司福利待遇,如’fika’ – 提供瑞典咖啡、蛋糕和休息时间等
• An amazing team of colleagues and management that cares about your success and development both within and outside of company / 一支关心你在公司内外的发展和成就的非常出色的管理团队
• Learning on-the-job and experience that will facilitate an easy transition into future, more senior roles /体验在职学习,这将有助于个人向未来更高职业的过渡和发展。

About SX Group /关于SX Group:
SX Group is a Shanghai based business group founded by Gustav Astrom and Daniel Polvi. SX Group owns and operates a portfolio of professional service firms within market research, e-commerce operations, online marketing, B2B communications and executive recruitment. Group clients include Polaroid, Swarovski, Dyson, Budweiser, Dolce & Gabbana, Nestle and Adidas.

SX集团是由Gustav Astrom和Daniel Polvi创立的上海企业集团。 SX Group拥有并运营一系列专业服务公司-涉猎市场研究,电子商务运营,在线营销,B2B通信和高管招聘。 集团客户包括宝丽来,施华洛世奇,戴森,百威,Dolce&Gabbana,雀巢和阿迪达斯等。

Please visit our website for more info: www.sxg.asia



职位名称 工作地点 职位类型 发布日期 所属机构
Talent Acquisition Intern 人才招聘助理 上海 兼职/实习 9月04日 SX Group
Finance Administrator / 财务管理员 上海 全职 7月30日 SXL Group 星诺
瑞典咨询公司市PTA(项目制) 上海 兼职/实习 6月19日 SXL Group 星诺
Graphic Designer(Free Lancer) 上海 全职 6月11日 SXL Group 星诺
渠道销售(某世界五百强啤酒公司) 福州 全职 6月01日 SXL Group 星诺



As China’s first student powered consulting group, SXL is a platform which bridges the gap between theory and practice. SXL provides students with the opportunity to gain valuable, hands-on business experience through rewarding consulting projects whilst offering companies access to low cost/ high quality consulting and project execution services. We support companies in China and abroad with market research, competitor analysis, benchmark studies, market entry strategies, prospect finding and much more.