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  • 所属行业:电子/微电子
  • 企业规模:1000人以上
  • 企业性质:外企独资

医疗销售代表(Philips Campus Recruitment Team,医疗事业部)

  • 工作地点:北京 石家庄 郑州
  • 有效日期:2017年12月04日 至 2018年01月03日
  • 招聘人数:多人
  • 职位性质:全职

医疗销售代表 职位描述:


• 与医疗机构和医务工作者建立良好的关系,推广飞利浦医疗设备(CT/MR/DXR等)。
• 建立和发展代理商渠道,管理其销售团队。
• 积极开展市场活动,推广飞利浦品牌,在医疗行业树立和发扬飞利浦品牌的文化及影响。
• 挖掘客户需求,最大化利用已有资源及相关数据,分析并提出销售方案和意见以帮助最终决策
• 搜集汇报市场及竞争对手信息,协助市场推广活动及营销策略
• 不断优化目前已有的销售项目流程


• 本科或硕士学历,生物医学工程/电子工程/医学影像等专业
• 有市场及营销相关经验,有医疗相关领域经验者优先
• 良好的沟通能力和表达能力,能够洞悉客户需求
• 诚实、敬业,具有团队精神,能够承受一定的工作压力
• 能接受高频率(>=50%)的短期出差
• 较好的英语听说读写能力(CET6及以上)




*请将个人中英文简历整理成一个文档 (pdf或word)直接发送至effy.jiang@philips.com, 邮件主题和简历名称务必按以下各式命名:飞利浦应届生+意向职位+工作地点+个人姓名+院校 


职位名称 工作地点 职位类型 发布日期 所属机构
HR Admin Specialist 人事助理 上海 全职 12月14日 Philips Campus Recruitment Team
合同专员 / 运营专员 上海 全职 12月06日 Philips Campus Recruitment Team
电气工程师 沈阳 全职 12月06日 Philips Campus Recruitment Team
临床应用专家 合肥 广州 南京 南昌 乌鲁木齐 杭州 全职 12月04日 Philips Campus Recruitment Team
安装工程师 北京 广州 长沙 南京 沈阳 成都 天津 杭州 全职 12月04日 Philips Campus Recruitment Team
项目管理工程师 武汉 全职 12月04日 Philips Campus Recruitment Team
医疗机械 产品营销专家 北京 重庆 青岛 上海 成都 全职 12月04日 Philips Campus Recruitment Team
CT临床支持专员 北京 上海 全职 12月04日 Philips Campus Recruitment Team
CT产品演示专家 北京 上海 全职 12月04日 Philips Campus Recruitment Team



Philips put down its first root in China in the 1920’s and formed our initial joint venture in China in 1985. From that point on we have been firmly established in China. Following our long-term commitment, Philips continuously brought in leading products and services of Healthcare, Lifestyle and Technology (HLT) to China market.

Philips now has total accumulated investment exceeds USD 4 billion, and set up more than 20 joint ventures and wholly owned enterprises, employing around 11,000 employees nationwide.

Philips brings quality products with impressive brand imaging to China’s individual and business communities. Among the HLT sectors, we lead the industry in lighting, DAP, LCD monitor, medical systems throughout China. Philips has established 11 world-class R&D facilities in China for developments in lighting, consumer electronics and medical. The Shanghai-based Philips Research East Asia, established in 2000, is the strategic research and development center for Philips in the Asia Pacific Region.

Philips is committed to developing local talents throughout the country. Dedicated to expanding the skills of tomorrow’s business and technology leaders, we are proud to sponsor career development programs in local universities and business schools, such as Tsinghua University, Renmin University, Fudan University, Jiaotong University, Dongnan University and CEIBS. By providing opportunities today, we can find success in the future.

Philips launched “Sense and Simplicity”, the new brand positioning in 2004. Guided by the brand promise, Philips is committed to delivering applications and solutions that are designed around you, easy to experience, and advanced – the three pillars of sense and simplicity. Moreover, this approach is also designed to ensure that Philips, as an organization, adheres to the three pillars in the way that it works with all its partners and suppliers, the way that it communicates with all its stakeholders, and the way that Philips operates as a business. Ultimately, this is about being easier to do business with.

Every year Phillips is expanding our commitment to sustainable development in China. Since 1998, we’ve contributed over RMB 7.8million to set up 17 Hope Schools for disadvantaged children to improve their education. Meanwhile,in the beginning of 2006, Philips kicked off “Rural healthcare program” to help the people getting a better healthcare in rural areas. The company commits to setup 10 clinics and sponsor doctors training over the next 3 year. In addition, Philips introduced series of Green Flagship products which offer substantial better environmental performance. In September 2006, Philips received “Guangming CSR Award” again from , this is the 2nd year we become the award winner as part of the "top 20 companies in China". It’s a true recognition for Philips’ great contribution to the society in China. As one of the most responsible corporate citizens, we will continue to support China’s goals of harmonious development, balancing economic growth with social, environmental & economic responsibility.

China is one of the most important markets in Philips global strategy. In the past few decades, we have witnessed the tremendous achievements and potential of the nation and its people. In the future we see more opportunities for growth and development in this unique partnership. Together we can build a splendid future for China.