YSL PR Intern(欧莱雅(中国),市场部)


职位性质: 兼职/实习 有效日期: 2017年07月17日 至 2017年08月16日
招聘人数: 多人
工作地点: 上海
职位描述: JD:
1. Support on media & exposure
1) Core-media topic liaise
2) Support on special media requests
3) Exposure follow-up
2. Support on brand/product assets
1) Help collect brand assets
2) Consolidate such materials and burn discs
3) Filing
3. Support on PR admin/logistics
1) Product application and delivery for PR use
2) Liaise with warehouse
3) Relevant follow-up
4) Support on internal financial application
4. Support on PR event
1) Support on material preparation
2) On-site support
3) Follow-up with vendors
4) Logistic liaise

Intern request:
1. English: excellent, both speaking and written – VERY IMPORTANT
2. Working day: 3-4 days per week preferred
3. Computer skill: good at doing PPT/Excel/Word
7. Personality:
1) Opened minded
2) Detail driven
3) Diligent & hard working & team work spirit
4) Passion for PR and interests in media, esp. new media