Yue-Sai Marketing Intern(欧莱雅(中国),市场部)


职位性质: 兼职/实习 有效日期: 2017年07月13日 至 2017年08月12日
招聘人数: 多人
工作地点: 上海
职位描述: JD:
1.Data analysis and weekly sales report
2.Marketing concerned, include market share analysis/translation/monthly counter menu
3.Follow-up with vendors and support RC Q4 campaign preparation/11.11 preparation
4.Administrative supports to the team

1.Be able to work at least 4 days per week for the duration of 6 months
2. to ensure the stable and sustained for six months or more
3. Good English
4. follow the latest trends in most
5. intelligent and diligent, proactive