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  • 所属行业:媒体/出版/文化传播
  • 企业规模:11-50人
  • 企业性质:外企独资

Media Analyst(北京办公室,翻譯及報告部)

  • 工作地点:北京
  • 有效日期:2018年01月12日 至 2018年07月16日
  • 招聘人数:2 人
  • 职位性质:全职

Media Analyst 职位描述:


MeltwaterGroup(融文集团)总部位于美国,专注于网络媒体监测软件服务,在欧洲、北美、亚洲、澳大利亚等地迅速拓展,已发展成为一家很有规模的跨国公司。公司的成功来源于对人才的重视,拥有一支充满活力,志存高远,足智多谋的国际化团队。 从公司诞生以来,MeltwaterGroup就意识到公司的成功关键在于将最合适的机会给予最合适的个人,并采取了重视潜质而非经验的人力资源策略。 

- 就新闻媒体和社交媒体平台上的Meltwater工具进行研究
- 为客户提供深入的分析报告,并跟踪竞争分析,在Excel和PowerPoint中开发可视化来说明客户的品牌数据
- 及时确保报告交付的一致性和准确性
- 与翻译团队紧密合作,开展品牌关键信息和所有媒体和社会活动的相关调查
- 与客户成功团队广泛合作,客户需求分析和提高客户满意度
- 跟踪市场趋势,及时了解数字市场以及品牌趋势

- 应届研究生为佳,优秀本科生也可,专业不限,对数字媒体市场研究行业有热情,对定性定量分析有基本认识
- 责任心强不惧压力,乐于学习和接受挑战
- 英文书面以及口语沟通能力佳
- 有足够的时间实习,并且愿意以后在数字营销社交媒体行业长期发展,表现佳者可留用

- 完善的培训体系,给予快速成长空间以及相应晋升体系,快节奏令人兴奋的良好工作环境
- 有机会接触各行业知名客户,为他们提供深入的报告分析以及建议

如有兴趣,请投递中英文简历至recruitment.ta@meltwater.com 标题 “Apply for Media Analyst”

Media Analyst

About Meltwater:

Meltwater, headquartered in San Francisco, is a global leader in media intelligence software with offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong in Greater China. Organizations will look outside, beyond their internal reporting systems to a world of data that is constantly growing and changing. Meltwater has won several awards as a Top Employer worldwide and most recently been accredited as “Best Companies to Work For in Greater China 2016” as well as “Best Companies to Work For in Hong Kong 2016” by Great Place to Work™. We’re looking for exceptional candidates to contribute to our exponential growth in Greater China.

Job Responsibilities:

The main responsibility of this position will be providing summary and insightful media reports for Meltwater clients in Greater China region.

- Conduct research on Meltwater tools on news, media as well as social media platforms
- Create business-focused report templates for valued clients and track competitive analysis
- Develop visualizations in Excel and PowerPoint to illustrate clients brand data
- Ensure the consistency and accuracy of report delivery on timely basis
- Working closely with translation team on the brand key messages and relevant findings across all media and social initiatives
- Working extensively with Client Success team to assist in on-boarding training, customers’ need analysis and enhancing the customer satisfaction
- Nurture and strengthen client’s understand of the social media space and their brand’s performance
- Keeping track of market trends and staying abreast in the digital market arena

Job Requirements:

- University degree of Communication, Translation, Data Analysis or Business related discipline. International experience would be a plus.
- Fresh Graduate would also be considered as Research Associate.
- Candidate with experience in market research, e.g. qualitative and quantitative research and survey design, would be considered as Media Analyst
- Strong communication skills in both Chinese and English, spoken and written
- Self-motivated, detail-minded and able to complete tasks independently within deadline
- Strong skills of collecting and summarizing large volume of data
- Team player, fixable and ready to take on new challenges

- Passionate about digital marketing and social media

We are offering:

- Fast paced and exciting work environment
- Structured and hands-on training program
- A high level of responsibility and autonomy
- Accelerated performance-based promotion program

To Apply:
Please submit your CV in English to recruitment.ta@meltwater.com with subject – “Apply for Media Analyst”


职位名称 工作地点 职位类型 发布日期 所属机构
Media Analyst (including 1-month internship) 上海 全职 4月17日 上海办公室
Translator (including 1-month internship) 上海 全职 4月17日 上海办公室
Translator 北京 全职 1月12日 北京办公室


A Leading Global SaaS Company

Meltwater Group is a privately held software company founded in Norway in 2001 committed to challenging existing business models by introducing disruptive technologies and building a powerful, global sales infrastructure.

Meltwater is the global leader in the field of electronic media monitoring, delivering a cutting edge Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to more than 29,000 clients globally ranging from the smallest NGO to the largest MNC and across governments.